Two years after the remarkable 30s

For those following my blog, this title would remind you of my post "Being in my remarkable 30s"...the extremely grim post about Granulomatous mastitis and the counselling sessions.

Well, this one is about overcoming all of that. After six months of steroids and 1.3 years of homeopathy, the breast lump has disappeared.

Three important things that I learnt from this:
1. Say NO to pestering doctors
Six months through the treatment-in August 2015, my trusted breast specialist Dr Pranjali Gadgil was moving to the US and handed over my case to another breast specialist. Before leaving, she had told me that it was time to taper and stop the steroids. However, when I met the new doctor a couple of times and she had nothing more than steroids to offer.

In November 2015, we went to Tata Memorial hospital in Mumbai, did a check-up there and the doctor suggested to ignore the breast lump. However, I couldn't because I had to regularly aspirate from the lump.

The new doctor said I might be suffering from latent tuberculosis of the breast and suggested Anti-Tubercular Treatment (ATT). She suggested to visit a pulmonologist she knew who would prescribe the ATT...and she kept pestering me for every 4 or 5 followup sessions that I visited her. She even scared me by saying the Ovee was very young and she might get infected if I leave the TB untreated.

I had no signs of TB...even if it was latent TB, there had to be some signs when I was on the peak of steroids with reduced immunity. But, there were none. I discussed it with my brother-in-law who is medical researcher and he advised against it. I even emailed Dr Pranjali Gadgil and she too was unsure about ATT. I knew that when you start ATT, you must take the complete course of 7-9 months as per the doctor's prescription. There are high chances of developing TB drug resistance if taken unnecessarily. Let's not even start with the adverse effects of ATT. Over and above, my intuition said that I was surely not suffering from Tubeculosis, not even latent tuberculosis. Finally, I said NO and I stopped visited her from January 2016.

2. Homeopathy works wonders for auto-immune diseases
Meanwhile, I had to look for another doctor to treat my breast lump and my brother-in-law suggested that homeopathy helps a lot in auto-immune diseases such as Granulomatous Mastitis.

Dr Nirmala Desai who has her OPD in Healing Touch hospital in Pimple Saudagar is our homeopathy doctor who treats almost everyone from my maternal side. In February 2016, we visited her and she started with constitutional medicines. It has been exactly one year and I am now completely rid of the breast lump. I am in my last two months of this treatment.

The homeopathy has not just cured my granulomatous mastitis, but also reduced the harsh repercussions of taking steroids for as long as six months...such as decreased immunity, weight gain, and hair fall. The one thing that has however stuck with me is severe acidity when I do not eat or sleep on time...Too less a price to pay to rid of steroids and recover from the ugly breast lump.

Tejas on my side, patience, regular follow-ups, and quarterly sonography is what got me the results.

3. Be it a grim or happy phase in life, a road trip is all we ask for
If I was suffering physically, Tejas was silently suffering mentally...absorbing the pressure of my anxiety, the mood swings, the endless doctor visits. He refused the ATT as much as I did and he supported the homeopathy treatment as much as I did. And we refused to give up until the breast lump was out of my body.

In that grim phase in 2015, Tejas and I rode to the Rann of Kutch.

In this happy phase, Tejas, me, and Ovee shall drive to the Himalayas..the Kumaon region...covering quaint Himalayan villages.

Keep reading for more on this trip!!


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