Pune-Leh-Pune bike trip

After biking for 20 days across nine states in extreme rain, heat, cold and altitude we returned yesterday with a lot of stories and lifetime experience!

I thought a lot about how to pen it down on this blog and have decided to make it partly as an everyday account and partly categorise the experiences into some heads -which would make it more interesting and informative to those who are planning a similar trip.

Part I consists of the journey from Pune to Manali and the return journey from Ludhiana to Pune. Part II is all about Manali to Leh road, information about our stay, various experiences and so on...

Hope you enjoy the read and feel free to make a comment...I mean it as I have removing the moderation setting for comments.
Here it goes:

The planned route has been published in the previous post, but we faced difficulties (details given below) in following it. So the actual route that we took was

June 11 -Pune to Vapi (292 kms) ...fell short in covering the distance because of rains and puncture
June 12 -Vapi to Kapadwanj, Gujarat (330 kms)
June 13 -Kapadwanj to Kishangarh, Rajasthan (525 kms)
June 14 -Kishangarh to Delhi (360 kms)
June 15 -Delhi to Chandigarh (250 kms)...buffer time was spent in servicing, changing oil etc of the bikes
June 16 -Chandigarh to Manali (350 kms)
June 17 -Halt at Manali to buy gum boots, rest etc
June 18 -Manali to Jispa (147 kms)
June 19 -Jispa to Pang (174 kms)
June 20 -Pang to Leh (174 kms)
June 21 -Leh to Diskit via Khardung-La (140 kms)
June 22 -Diskit to Leh via Hunder and Khardung-La (175 kms)
June 23 -Leh to Pangong Tso and back in Leh (340 kms)
June 24 -Leh to Drass (347 kms)
June 25 -Drass to Batote (330 kms)
June 26 -Batote to Phugwara near Ludhiana, Punjab (315 kms)
June 27 -Phugwara to Churu, Rajasthan (392 kms)
June 28 -Churu to Beawar, Rajasthan (320 kms)
June 29 -Beawar to Ahmedabad (490 kms)
June 30 -Ahmedabad to Vapi (380 kms)
July 1 -Vapi to Pune (292 kms)


  1. I've already commented about how well you've organized this can you try giving a live link of the route on google or ms maps ?

  2. this is awesome .....

  3. I expected some details about the Paradise on earth Kashmir and Ladakh but you jumped straight from Drass to Batote as if the road was a straight line boring highway. I have ridden and driven 12 times to Leh after my Guinness record during my engineering. My longest was 12000 kms crazy ride from my home in Kolkata via Indian coast to Leh and back.
    I think you could use the space to write about the places you visited.


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