Prologue to Ovee's maiden bike trip

After that teaser almost a month ago, here are the details:
Destination: Lonavala
Mode of travel: Our good old Karizma
Stay: The Machan

The preparations are done:

  • Safety first: Ovee has a new helmet for herself

Ovee with the new helmet. "Kids"is a new brand that manufactures only kids helmet. However, India is yet to get ISI-marked kids helmets because they are smaller than regular ones and ISI needs to have separate specifications for kids helmets.
  • The Karizma has a new MRF tubeless rear tyre.
  • The "mother-daughter side of the saddle bags is packed: "If we can fit the luggage of two people for 21 days in these saddle bags, I can surely fit the luggage of three people for three days." Is what I kept telling myself looking at the stuff below:

Packing when taking a bike is an art and I am improvising on it with every trip. 
  • No compromise on medicines, Ovee's toiletries, and Ovee's clothes.
    Some compromise on bike's stuff, because help in Lonavala will be readily available.
    A lot of compromise on mine and Tejas's clothes...And after about a couple of hours I managed the following result in our side of the saddle bag. The other side is the "father-bike"side, which is yet to be packed because, the father, is yet to complete his earlier trip!

You might have to wait until next weekend to read details of our trip. If it is too much of a wait, follow me on Twitter @m0therofgods


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