Curtain-raiser for road trip 2016

November is the month of our road trips. It is almost the end of October and I haven't posted any plans on the social media yet.

A couple of friends actually asked if 2016 is going to be a vacation-free year for us. The answer to that will be yes and no. Yes, we might technically call it a vacation-free year because we are not going anywhere beyond 100-150 kilometers from Pune. And no, we cannot have a vacation-free year, no matter what! 

Although we will be vacationing near Pune, this road trip is going to be special as it is going to be Ovee's first bike trip! Two years ago when Ovee was 1.5-years-old, we drove to Rajasthan in our Honda Jazz for 15 days. We had our own checklist to make it a safe and comfortable trip. And believe it or not Ovee still remembers some of the things we did or saw there.

She will be four-year-old soon and it is the perfect time to start grooming her for bike trips. That means ensuring her safety on the bike, watching if she can enjoy the road without the comforts of an air-conditioned car, and letting her know that road trips are our preferred way of learning about things, than scoring good marks in academics.

Keep looking this space for more updates. 


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