Biking Pune-Great Rann of Kutch-Pune Part III: Mandvi and return journey

Biking Pune-Great Rann of Kutch-Pune Part I: Pune to Dholavira

Biking Pune-Great Rann of Kutch-Pune Part II: White Rann, Kalo Dungar, India Bridge, 1962 War Memorial

Day 5, November 27 (Friday)
Hodka to Mandvi (123 km)

We left from Hodka at around 6.30am after chai towards Mamdvi. On the way, after a small village called Ismailpada, we were on a small bridge, with the sun rising on one side, and moon setting on the other. 
The bridge

With this on one side

And this on the other side

The clearest of sun rises that I have ever seen

After about 45 minutes here, we proceeded towards Mandvi. It was a pleasant ride and we reached the Mandvi beach camp at around 10.30am. We had not waited for breakfast and requested the beach camp manager to give us breakfast, to which he agreed. 

View from our breakfast table
After breakfast, we decided to visit the Mandvi ship building and windmills project on the beach. However, as we entered the city and started inquiring, we were told that most ship building project had stopped because of lack of funds. 

One of the many incomplete ship building projects on port road of Mandvi
Instead, someone suggested to visit Sagar ship model building company nearby that was run by an ex-merchant navy officer Shivji Fofindi. We found his place, which also had a small museum will ship models. 

Shivji Fofindi's house designed like a ship

Fofindi uncle telling us about Fattehmari -the ship that only the great Maratha warriors could maintain. This was the ship used by Shivaji Maharaj frequently. 

Titanic model by Sagar Ship Model company

Ship in a bottle

The upper deck of the house is the navigation room overlooking the Rukmavati river

We were there for about a couple of hours, after which we returned to Mandvi Beach camp -our resort -for lunch. We spent the evening relaxing on this private beach.

To the beach


Day 6, November 28 (Saturday)
Mandvi to Baroda (500 km)
Day 7, November 29 (Sunday)
Baroda to Pune (550 km)

The return journey began at 6am as we left Mandvi. This time again, we had to cover a long stretch till Baroda.

Starting in the dark

Riding in the sun rise

A wind mill's blade

One of the many windmills on the way back

Welcome home to the yummy butterscotch cake


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