Pune-Rajasthan-Pune final itinerary after four rough drafts

For some, fun begins when they hit the road, For a few, fun begins when they check-in to a resort. For us, fun begins when we start planning our trip. So, the last six months have been absolute 'fun'.

Following is our itinerary and we have no choice but to stick by it, since we have done booking our hotels. We start on December 6, Saturday and return on December 20, exactly two weeks later.

This is the final itinerary after four rough drafts. Initially, we were planning to go to Rann of Kutch before moving on to Rajasthan. But as we researched, we realised that the awesome place deserves a full-fledged trip, So that has been kept for some other time and that was our draft one. 

Secondly, we were not sure about staying at Khimsar, because it is quite far off from the urban setting and did not know what we would do in an emergency. It was also because of the overpriced resort, the only one there. Now, if we had dropped Khimsar altogether, the distance from Jaisalmer to Jaipur (about 600 km) was too much to cover in one day. We had to take one night's halt somewhere.

So draft two, was with a halt at Bikaner. However, we did not find any exclusive places of interest there. 

Draft three was with a halt at Mt Abu. But, that was also half-hearted. 

So, we gave in, found contacts near Khimsar (for emergencies) and decided to stay there for a night. Besides, the resort is truly one-of-a-kind. And our final itinerary was ready earlier this month. This was followed by hotel search and booking. (Hotel stays will be revealed as and when we reach there).

We have consciously dropped touristy places of Rajasthan -Mt Abu, Bikaner and Ajmer. We have also decided to not venture in to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer cities and concentrate on the other not-so-touristy spots. Hope it works in our favour. 

Packing starts on Monday..


  1. Nice plan... i will be following this blog to update my own trip planned from Feb 4 to 12. I will be based at Kumbhalgarh with visits to places nearby like Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Jodhpur... and places that you discover :) soo pls take some notes for me too! - Rahul Soman

  2. Hi Rahul...will surely take notes for you. Meanwhile, do check out Bap and Khimsar near Jodhpur. Of course will tell you their reviews once we have visited them.

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