Yes, a few good men can save the nation

I was The Indian Express Correspondent in Pune covering the Shivajinagar district court from 2010 to 2012. During this time, I covered the German Bakery blast trial very closely. The Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) had made only one arrest in the case -Mirza Himayat Inyat Baig. A few months in to the trial and we started hearing as well as getting a feel that the ATS had picked up the wrong guy. Baig could be a fundamentalist, but his involvement in the blast was a huge doubt. None of the regular court reporters including me, however, took the efforts to dig the truth. 

A few months after Baig was sentenced to death by the Pune court, it was Ashish Khetan, who came up with details of how Baig was indeed a bakra .

During the trial, as we were hearing stories of how Baig was innocent and wrongly arrested by ATS, us reporters chatted among ourselves that ATS had to arrest someone since no one was willing to pick up the materminds -The Bhatkal. We said that the government was apathetic to arrest Bhatkal, the country lacked the resources and manpower to nab such a dreaded terrorist.

Today, as I read this story I realise how cynical we were. 

A few good men did save the nation -with their passion, dedication and determination. A few good men did arrest the mastermind Yasin Bhatkal, without worrying if they would get awards for their job. These few men are so good in their job that they cannot even be named for security reasons in the above article that illustrates their bravery. They will only be known as a few good men, since the higher-ups are afraid of even acknowledging their bravery in public. 


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