Things to carry

There is an endless list of things that we are carrying for this bike trip.
I have categorised it in four groups -personal, common for the group, bike-related and medical. The list has been compiled after talking to people who have done the tour before, from reading experiences of such people and from the internet, of course!

We are taking on one pair of saddle bags, one magnetic tank bag (see pics in previous post) and one waist pouch with us. We are strictly not taking any backpack and have managed to fit all the following things in these bags (with packing and unpacking for 'n' number of times :D)

Five-six T-shirts -half sleeves, full sleeves, thin material, cotton, polyster. The variety would be necessary as everything depends on weather
Two pairs of jeans
One water-proof trackpants
five-six pairs of socks
Pyjamas for night
Thermal wear/sweaters
Toiletries (as needed)
Swiss Army knife (everyone should have one)
Riding jacket
Good helmet (Vega Boolean is what we will be using)
Riding gloves
Riding goggles
Knee Guard (even for pillion rider)
 Head Mask
Ponchos (for rain as riding jackets will get wet in heavy rain)
Copy of the itinerary
Emergency phone number (across all states and regions you are travelling)
Visiting cards
Original License
Original PAN Card
Photocopy of Marriage certificate
Photocopy of passport
Cell phone charger
Waist pouch (is needed)
Cash (as required)
Credit/debit cards
Gum boots (we plan to buy them in Manali) Gum Boots are an absolute necessity in Leh-Ladakh as they are the only ones that are durable in those weather conditions.
Head torches with extra cells/batteries
Extra set of bike keys

Camera with charger, extra battery and memory card
BSNL postpaid with 2G (only BSNL or MTNL postpaid cards work in Leh-Ladakh. Prepaids do not work as they are banned in J&K for security reasons)
Solar charger
First Aid kit and medicines (separate list given below)
Brandy (Believe me, it helps a lot in extreme cold. We had used it in Sikkim)
Dry food items like dry fruits, chocolate bard, protein-rich bars, maggi cuppa
Hand sanitiser
Paper napkins
Toilet paper
Empty plastic bags of all sizes
Empty zip pouches
Safety pins
Rubber bands
Press buttons
Nylon ropes
five-litre Foldable water bag (you get two-liter to 10-litre foldable water bag at any sports shop that can be tied to the bike)
Copies of maps
At least one person in the group should have a compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer. We are using Tejas's Times WS4 wrist watch for this purpose.
Sleeping bag (There is no problem of accommodation at most places in Leh. But we are carrying one sleeping bag, just in case of emergency)

Bungee cords
Spare oil
Headlamp bulb
Clutch lever
Air cleaner
Spark plug
Puncture kit
Foot pump
Big torch

One can get the ready -made first aid kit available at most medical stores
It usually has cotton, eyepads, band-aid,dettol,a couple of paracetamol and pain-killer tablets among others.
In addition, we are carrying:
Kailas Jeevan
Tribhuvan Kirti
Pudin Hara
Volini pain relief spray
Diamox (for acute mountain sickness)
Glucon D
Digital Thermometer
Crepe Bandage roll
खड़ी साखर

I have tried to list all the things that we are carrying. In case anything is left out, I shall update it before we leave. Also, will revise the list after we return depending on the experience


  1. In the list of bike-relate stuff .. i would recommend carrying fuse and chain couplings also if there are RE bikes.

  2. Have a good trip Aaditi and Tejas. And you both still don't know a thing about bosses-they'll have 22 ways to make you pay for the 22 days leave by the time you get back! Aaditi your list will start with cheese kachchi dhabeli.....Have lots of fun guys and stay safe.

  3. Ha ha.. Cheese dabeli it is when we return :)


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