The route

A week to start the Leh Bike Ride and the Pune-Leh-Pune route has been finalised

Day 1: Pune to Kadodara -400kms
Day 2: Kadodara to Himmatnagar -320 kms
Day 3 -Himmatnagar to Chittorgarh -300 kms
Day 4: Chittorgarh to Jaipur -308 kms
Day 5-Jaipur to Delhi -260 kms
Day 6 -Delhi to Chandigarh -250 kms
Day 7 -Chandigarh to Manali -285 kms
Day 8 -Manali to Jispa -140 kms
Day 9 -Jispa to Pang -158 kms
Day 10 -Pang to Leh -170 kms
Day 11 -Leh to Pangong Tso -150 kms
Day 12 -Pangong Tso to Diskit/ Panamik -200kms
Day 13 -Diskit/Panamik to Lamayuru -224 kms
Day 14 -Lamayuru to Drass -200 kms
Day 15 -Drass to Batote -250 kms
Day 16 -Batote to Ludhiana -360 kms
Day 17 -Ludhiana to Fatehpur -390 kms
Day 18 -Fatehpur to Beawar -280kms
Day 19 -Beawar to Shamlaji -340 kms
Day 20 -Shamlaji to Kadodara -347 kms
Day 21 -Kadodara to Pune -400 kms

The second option would be
Pune to Kadodara -400 kms
Kadodara to Shamlaji -337kms
Shamlaji to Beawar/Ajmer -344/397kms
Ajmer to Rewari/Delhi -308/391 kms
Bearwar to Delhi -450kms

This is just a outline of the route that we would take. Everything depends on the weather and how much distance we manage to cover in a day


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