It is the final countdown

It is hardly three days left to begin the Leh-Ladakh Bike trip from Pune...and this blog would be incomplete if I do not write a post about our respective parents and bosses because of whom we are able to go for this lifetime trip.

When we told my parents and Tejas's parents, surprisingly, there was not even an ounce of opposition from either if them. Instead, they encouraged, helped and guided us with the preparations. When someone suggested to taking a back-up car, Kaka, in-fact, said that there is no fun in doing so. "The thrill lies in doing the trip all by yourselves and experience the ups and downs." It is indeed rare to have such parents and in-laws. Looking at the world outside, I feel lucky that none of them objected me from doing the trip, considering that I am the only girl in the group.

Kaku has been understanding enough to give me enough concessions from house-hold chores whenever we had something to do with the preparations. She's a gem of a person..and not just because she gave me the concession, but for hundreds other reasons that I cannot write here. Baba's experience of trekking and hiking in his youth has come handy. He is the one who has  lended his Swiss army knife, bungee cords, head torches to us.

Aai, too, has been supportive, as she has always been in all weird decisions that I had taken in my life. Despite the fact that she's a mother and is bound to be worried about us, she never showed it for the fear of discouraging us.
with Aai-Baba

Kaka Kaku
We are also thankful for our respective bosses -Sunanda Mehta, Resident Editor of The Indian Express Pune and Tejas's bosses Chandrajeet Mehta and Francis for sanctioning our 22-day-long leave without hesitation. Also thanks to my colleagues who will have to double up in my place for 20-22 days. There are many who are deprived of such lifetime experiences because of their bosses and organisations they work with!


  1. all the best to all of you .. i just noticed that it's a group and not just two of you. Eagerly waiting for updates .. it seems I more or almost as excited as you guys about this trip :-)


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