When we thought we'll never make it...

Over the last year that we have been planning for the Leh trip, there were two weeks that were spent under extreme pressure when we thought we would never be able to make it. It was when we suspected that I was pregnant!

Although we were not very sure about the pregnancy, tension was mounting each day and we were trying hard not to think about the consequences if our doubts were to come true. Of course we have been taking all precautions to avoid this situation, which made it all the more frustrating for us.

The pregnancy home tests that I had taken were negative -twice and that gave a little boost to our spirits. We continued the bike practice and the stamina-building exercises. Tejas, had, however, completely stopped his homework on the trip and it was replaced by endless discussions on 'what if...' at nights. Tejas had even asked Chaitanya and Sagar to postpone their plans to buy the riding gear. I am sure it must be as much of tension for them as it was for us.

All our  financial, professional, travel and family plans -each of which are of equal importance in our lives, would have been ruined -never to be mended, had I been pregnant at this point of time. Not that we don't want a child, but definitely not when we have something else in mind and most of all, when we were not ready for one!

The option of Tejas taking the trip leaving me behind was out of his and my consideration. Chaitanya and Sagar would have the choice of joining a group like Tyremark for the ride. But the thought of staying back in Pune in June-July, when we would otherwise be cruising on the road, was unbearable.

And when we were sure that the chances of pregnancy have been completely ruled out, it was like getting back on track for the journey.

And now, three weeks from starting the ride, nothing can stop us from going...Hurrraaaaayyyyy! *Big Smile*


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