Practice Ride # 2

After the short ride to Mulshi road, Tejas and I went to Tamhini ghat and back, on Sunday -May 29. Since we had some work in the morning, we happened to leave at around 10.45am. We decided on Tamhini ghat because it is farther enough to give us a feel of the ride, but doable in a day. (around 200 kms).

Here are some pics before we started

The Cramster riding gear -saddle bags near the seat and the tank bag that holds on to the petrol tank with six magnets 

That is another view. The saddle bags are extremely convenient and the pillion rider need not worry about comfort of sitting behind at all. 

Those are out Cramster riding jackets with elbow, shoulder and back padding for safety. They are heavy, but we got used to them during the short Mulshi ride a couple of weeks ago. Also, once we removed the inner thermal lining, they were pretty much okay even in the heat. So we are all set...

Tejas rode till Pirangut, then I rode from Pirangut till Mulshi. Tejas took over at Mulshi untill we crossed Tamhini ghat. We were wondering whether we should have lunch before Tamhini ghat started, but it was only 12.45pm and we were not very hungry. We decided to cross the ghat and it turned out to be a big mistake!

We decided that I'll ride while climbing Tamhini ghat, which would be a good practice for me. But by the time we crossed 50 per cent of the distance, we were extremely hungry and knew the nearest dhaba was after the ghat. So I asked Tejas to take over, so that we would reach the food place faster. Finally, we ate and made an important note to ourselves -always have food on time even if you are not hungry. We cannot afford to be reckless about food and become uneasy while riding.

From Tamhini I drove until a little before Pirangut -quite a long stretch, with Tejas taking over in between for about 10 kilometers.

On the way, while I was driving, a car in front on me braked suddenly and I was not very quick in changing gears from third to second...and so the bike halted with a jerk. Tejas was holding the helmet in his hand trying to get some air and the helmet fell off the road, not to mention the honking from behind after the bike halted abruptly. After Tejas ran behind the helmet, that would otherwise have landed in slush, I fortunately managed to start the bike and take it to the side of the road. Other than that, there wasn't much that went wrong with the driving...

The Experience:
It was fun, of course, except for the heat. We will need to carry at least two to three litres of water at all times. I need more practice to ride in the traffic and Tejas needs more practice to sit pillion :D

These are some more pics from the ride:

Now, we are waiting for June 11....


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