Today's Sunday, after enjoying the morning with a walk and brunch at Goodluck, I got some time to ponder about the present. I decided to get back to my reading habit that had taken a backseat after the wedding.

After nine months, I decided to read a book. With most of my books still at my Ma's place, I laid my hands on 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', while the rest of the family was watching 'Aayushyawar bolu kahi'. Just as I was reading the 'introduction' of the book that describes rat race et al, Salil-Sandip on TV came up with the song 'Damalelya Babachi kahani'. Awesome timing, I thought!

Two creative mediums, two groups from different parts of the world illustrating the same concept...and me experiencing it sitting in yet another corner of the world. Felt like making a note of this experience somewhere.


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