Facebook, Twitter and German Bakery

H/l: Group for rebuilding German Bakery, 1,200 and counting

Posted: Tuesday , Feb 16, 2010

Pune: An investment banker living a few yards from the German Bakery, Shrinath Navghane, a regular visitor at the eatery, has started a move to get it rebuilt. After discussing with other “regulars”, Shrinath, along with friend Sahil Khan, decided to gather donations to reconstruct his favourite food joint blown up in the blast.

The duo has formed a group ‘Rebuilding German Bakery’ on Facebook and have appealed to people to contribute. At 9 pm on Monday, the group formed on Sunday night had already crossed 1,200 members across India.

“We want to prove that no terror attack can deprive us of our happiness,” he said. Shrinath used to visit the bakery almost everyday for coffee, while Sahil, who stays in Viman Nagar used to visit it every week. “Omlettes were our favourites there,” they said. Shrinath, who is active on Twitter, had also held about eight tweep-ups (get-together of twitter users from Pune) in German Bakery over the past two months.

He has now got in touch with the Kharoses, the owners of the bakery. “I have got in touch with the owner about our initiative, we will finalise the logistics once the investigations are over,” Shrinath said.
Sahil will organise a peace march on Thursday to create awareness on their initiative to raise funds. “We might get to meet Smita Kharose by the time and mutually decide how to go about raising funds,” said Sahil, a graphic designer. Both Shrinath and Sahil said they were willing to contribute about Rs 5,000 to 10,000 each for the bakery.

“We have decided that we will not ask for donations of any fixed amount. People may contribute whatever they can,” Shrinath said. Sunny Walia, a student who joined the group on Monday morning, said he would surely contribute some amount.

When Snehal Kharose got to know of the effort, she was overwhelmed. “I am happy about the initiative. This is exactly what keep us going in testing times,” she said.


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