Detectives eyeing children

H/l: Forget moral police, private detectives to track students on V-Day too

Posted: Saturday , Feb 13, 2010

Pune: The odds are heavy against students who wish to have fun on Valentine’s Day. Besides a heavy line-up of city police and political parties like the Shiv Sena, they will have to be on their guard against private detectives hired by their parents. However, a section of students has vowed to defy these factors and celebrate the day with gusto.

With the Pune police imposing prohibitory orders against any public show of affection that will be deemed as obscene in colleges and schools, public or private places till February 15, the student community is already feeling the pressure.

Parents of students, mostly from Delhi, Chandigarh and Bengal, have hired detective agencies in Pune to keep an eye on their children’s activities. “They are also worried about their children being at the receiving end of violence by those opposed to V-Day,” said Sanjay Sonawani of Rovers’ Detective Agency on Sinhgad Road. The agency will be catering to eight such parents this Sunday.

Global Detective Agency in Wanowrie had about 150 queries from parents and will be spying on 90 children in the city. “Parents want to know who their children are going out with. They are also worried about children getting into a quarrel on the day,” said Utpal Choudhary, partner, Global Detective Agency.

Sanjay Patil, director, DSP Bureau Private Ltd, a Mumbai-based agency that has a branch in Pune, said he would be catering to around 50 clients on Valentine’s Day. “Students whose parents stay outside Maharashtra get undue freedom, which they are likely to misuse. There has been about 20 to 25 per cent rise over the last three-four years in the number of clients approaching us to keep a tab on their wards.”

“Knowing that their own parents might hire a detective to keep an eye on them, it is certain that students will refrain from any boisterous celebrations on the day,” said Shiv Sena leader Sham Deshpande. MNS chief in PMC Ravindra Dhangekar too agreed with him.

Nana Wadekar, city chief of Shiv Sena, said they would continue moral policing on college campuses on Sunday. He also said the students might not go for any massive celebrations with the city police and detectives up and about.

The students, though, seem undeterred by all this. Priyashri Sharma from Chandigarh, studying in a city college, said none could stop them from celebrating. “We know how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a decent, non-vulgar manner and no one has the right to object to it.”

She and her fiancé have planned a quiet outing followed by dinner with friends on the day. “It falls on a Sunday, which means there is all the more scope for celebration,” said Sonal Pandey from Noida studying in a city college. On parents hiring detectives to keep a tab on their wards, she said it was an example of over-parenting.


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